João Rocha

Charismatic and possessing an elegant and clear gestural style, the conductor-composer João Rocha has been establishing himself as one of the most versatile and active conductors and composers of his generation. During performances, Rocha demonstrates his mastery of the score, musical sophistication, and profound knowledge of orchestral sound. Rocha has been performing with orchestras such as the Chamber Orchestra of Curitiba and the Vortz Orchestra, the latter being a selection of the most prominent orchestral instrumentalists in Brazil, including members of OSESP, Minas Gerais Philharmonic, São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra, Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra, Bahia Symphony Orchestra, among others. In his concerts, in addition to conducting works from the traditional repertoire, Rocha also conducts premieres of his own compositions. Following the premiere of his Piano Concerto No. 01, Rocha is preparing for the premieres of his SATOR for string orchestra and his operas “Inês” and “The Black Admiral” in 2024. Throughout his career, conductor João Rocha has conducted in renowned concert halls such as Carnegie Hall in New York and the Estates Theatre in Prague. In 2023, Rocha will serve as a guest conductor for the semi-staged performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with incidental music by Felix Mendelssohn at the closing concert of the TUCCA international concert series in São Paulo. Similarly, Rocha’s new work for bassoon and piano, commissioned and dedicated to Prof. Fabio Cury, will have its premiere in France, and his piece “Nagare” for solo piano will be performed by pianist Karin Fernandes in her concert series in Germany.