Anna Setton,

Anna Setton is an artist, composer, and instrumentalist from São Paulo.

Her voice often evokes comparisons with the incomparable Elis Regina. With deeply rooted origins in the most fascinating Brazilian Popular Music scene, she shaped her voice on the stages of São Paulo clubs. Her journey took her around the world, accompanying the renowned Toquinho, and harmoniously collaborating with contemporary renowned musicians such as Omara Portuondo, Sadao Watanabe, and Mestrinho.

This enriching trajectory paved the way for her solo career debut, materialized in 2018 through a self-titled album that undeniably highlighted her evident talent. The pandemic, with its unpredictable influence, inspired Anna to pick up her guitar and offer weekly live performances, where she generously interpreted treasures of Brazilian popular music. This disciplined routine culminated in the creation of “Onde Mora meu Coração” (“Where My Heart Lives”), an album that shines with precise interpretations, including the admirable “Morena Bonita,” authored by Toninho Horta.

O futuro é mais bonito

This recent project by Anna was recorded in Recife, where, as she explains, the songs chose her. Enveloped in modern and subtle production, Anna exudes playfulness, laden with brightness, fluidity, and clarity, with her voice skillfully occupying the epicenter of each melody, true to her nature. In this endeavor, Anna Setton collaborated with various emerging talents from the Recife scene, including the producer and composer Barro, Guilherme de Assis, João Camarero, Ed Sataudinger, Juliano Holanda, Igor de Carvalho, Edu Sanginardi, and Rodrigo Campello.

With the assistance of these composers, who understand the art of innovating within the classical foundations of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), Anna sings words of her own authorship, further solidifying her identity as a songwriter. “It’s a truly contemporary album,” assures Anna. “The talents I collaborated with translate the tradition in which I was raised into a current form, the grand tradition of Brazilian song.” Indeed, Anna Setton has interpreted classics from past eras, but now she gently offers her soul and voice to the future.