Denise de Freitas – From one margin to another

Known as an artist of great musical and scenic expressiveness, holding some awards as the best lyric singer, arising from her 20 years of experience interpreting the great roles for the voice of mezzosoprano in the biggest theaters in Brazil, Denise decided to invest in a single presentation, the union of the beauty of music from different genres. “From one margin to another”, a title created by her, calls this junction.

The opposite margins of the same feeling! On the opposite margins of the same river, there are opera arias, Cabaret songs, jazz standards, Edith Piaf, Satie, among others. A crossing, perhaps unusual, but perfectly possible, made purely through theatricality combined with the emotion that each letter carries and that fundamentally unites the public with art.

In “From one margin to another”, Denise de Freitas is accompanied by the exceptional musicians Rafael Andrade at the piano, and Fábio Gouvêa at the guitar.